The Polka Dots

The Polka Dots Music

The band play lively jigs, reels, hornpipes and waltzes perfect for dancing. Tunes originate from Britain, France, Scotland and America. The Polka Dots have played regularly for many years in Yorkshire and further afield. 

Well-known classics include Atholl Highlanders, Bluebell Polka, Turkey in the Straw, Blaydon Races, Soldiers Joy, Foxhunter’s and Chinese Breakdown.

Old-time traditional English style tunes include Portsmouth and Newcastle with a smattering of rousing French tunes such as Les Cabrettaires.

We also include contemporary tunes by Nick Barber ie Harry Enfield Waltz and String Quartet and Heather Hazell’s tune Laycock’s Hornpipe.


Pictured above, the Polka Dots at the West Yorkshire Playhouse (now Leeds Playhouse) with Joy Crampton on concertina, Heather Hazell on melodeon and Nigel Swan on keyboard.


Janet Porter, pictured above right, calling at an AVID Dance in Lincolnshire with Jerry Oakes and friends.

The Polka Dots Dances

Janet Porter has collected many popular traditional dances into her repertoire which can be enjoyed by everyone including older children and beginners.

These include The Canadian Barn Dance, Strip the Willow, Virginia Reel, Dashing White Sergeant, Circassian Circle, Blaydon Races and Spanish Waltz.

The also has a wide range of more recently written dances such as the Hot Cross Bun by Terri Evans and Around One by Hugh Rippon. Her self-penned dances include March Fling Twirl Swing, a simplified Gay Gordon’s dance, and triplet After Eight. She has adapted some 24 bar dances to fit regular 32 bar tunes such as Black Joak.

Janet calls a wide range of American Contra Dances for more advanced dancers including Flirtation Reel by Tony Parkes, Snow Dance and January Jig by Gene Hubert, and Teds Triplets Nos 7 and 14, by Ted Sanella.

She also enjoys calling Georgian Dances and some from the Playford Collection such as Indian Queen.

The collection process is on-going and has been gathered over many years of dancing and playing at ceilidhs.