Meet the Band


Janet has run ceilidhs over many years for weddings, parties, barn dances and private functions. She creates a great atmosphere, calling dances which can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.

She has called and played regularly at the Day of Dance in Saltaire and run workshops in Georgian and Contra dance.

Janet has wide experience with adults with learning disabilities, children, beginners, advanced dancers and American style contra dancers. She has called regularly at Leeds Contra for many years.

Janet has a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Performance and an MA in Writing for Performance. She also plays C clarinet for French tunes and recorder for Old-English tunes.


Nigel has many years experience playing in dance bands and has a varied background in folk music and song.

His keyboard gives a strong rhythm to the mix or he enhances melodies with finger-picking guitar. He also calls dances and brings good humour to an event.

He has a great repertoire of dances suitable for children.


Joy plays Duet Concertina with panache, vigour and a winning smile at all times.

Her contribution to the band sound includes a strong lead enhanced by great harmonies.

Joy’s background is in folk music and song.


Heather is a key player in The Polka Dots bringing to it the distinctive sound of English traditional tunes played beautifully on melodeon.

She has a vast repertoire of dance tunes which also include Scottish, French and American.

Her background includes many years of playing in English country dance bands for ceilidhs and dance display teams.